Anne Rossley Real Estate Team

Utilities and Moving Info Sheet

Please transfer utilities to your name as of the closing date. Because closing dates can change, you may want to wait until the week before the closing to do this.  DO NOT cancel service – Peoples Gas takes 2-4 days to turn on service – by TRANSFERRING, there is no disruption.
Peoples Gas   Start/Stop Website
866.556.6001 Home Page
Commonwealth Edison Home Page
800.334.7661 Start/Stop Move
Water/Sewer/City Garbage Attorney makes change during closing
  Questions?  See city site
    Water Payment info
(Cable/Internet/Phone) Website  
RCN Website  
Direct TV Website  
Dish Network Website  
What Ward am I in? WBEZ Interactive Ward Map
What police district am I in? Police District Map
  ClearMap Interactive Crime Map
General Questions/Information Dial 311 (Non-Emergency Info)
Chicago City Sticker FAQ-Info  
Illinois Driver’s License Illinois DMV – Secretary of State
Chicago Dog Registration Chicago Dog Registration
  Dog Friendly Areas
Illinois Voter Registration Illinois Election Board
Cook Co. Property Taxes Payment – Cook County Treasurer
    Check Exemptions, Payment History…
  Assessment – Cook County Assessor’s Office
    Assessor’s Website