Anne Rossley Real Estate Team

Home Financing and Real Estate Agents go hand-in-hand... most properties are acquired via mortgages. Cash purchases account for less than half of real estate transactions in the United States.

Homes can be purchased with 5% or less down - VA loans allow for 100% financing and FHA loans allow for down payment gifts. 

There are so many options for home financing that it makes sense for buyers to begin working with their lender-of-choice before they go looking at homes. Great mortgage brokers can counsel buyers to find the best financing option for their individual situation. 

Lenders I recommend:

Diane Pyshos

A and N Mortgage Services
(312) 909-9718

Anthony Marinaccio

Key Mortgage
(312) 981-2373

Tony Pigatti

The Private Bank
(630) 589-3262


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